Get a Job Fast: An easy to read and implement guide on getting employment and how to get hired quickly, including techniques on customizing résumé

Testimonials: For confidentiality, only initials are provided 

Hello Mr. Saleem Sheikh,
      I used many of your suggestions to get a job, and since I had to use the bus for transportation, it was not easy for me to spend eight hours or full time seeking employment.  I told you that my past attitude of feeling mistreated by my last employer may be holding me back from getting employed.  I changed my mindset and became positive and assured that my job was coming to me.  April 27, 2011 I was informed by UAMS that I would start a new job May 2, 2011, which I did.  So, sixteen days after your workshop I was working and I know many things helped me, I always had your words and encouragement in my mind, and needed to write and thank you and the VA for the positive push to the future I'd prayed for.  This job although may seemed far below the pay scale I asked for, your suggestion to accept what given now for future increase made me take the offer and begin making plans to increase my salary by going back to college and doing my job in excellent and joyful spirit.  So thank you Mr. Sheikh, keep your blessed spirit encouraging people like me to change the negative into a postitive and rewarding spirit that reside inside us all.  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU DO, YOU ARE A TRUE BLESSING IN OUR WORLD!!!
Sincerely,  R W

Saleem Sheikh gave a very informative and engaging workshop related to finding employment. I can say with confidence, that out of the three years of doing prison visits, last Saturday's event was by far the most beneficial visit we've ever done! 
IIOC Prison outreach Coordinator

I would give 500,00 DOLLARS for what I learnt today about marketing myself, communication, appearance how to make my employer profit so I get  a good pay..

I have learnt how to solve problems by finding cause of problem, To define your need for a job by the most personal need so it is more motivational, how to create a "need" in employers mind and to pray for help from god.

I have learnt positivity, being charitable and  No amount of Money can be equal to this info we got. 
E. A

This workshop is worth $500 upwards because the confidence I gained today is priceless.
L. W

Just by you being here it was a blessing. I am so honored to learn so much by your experience. I hope all the best for you and your efforts. you will always be in my prayers.  
N. Q


You are awesome, Saleem!  Talk about using the gifts you have been given!  This is great!  I am going to talk to C. to see if we can get you here to do a workshop as well...

Hello Mr. Sheikh,
I apologize for the delay, I will began to read you book and apply the principles today.  I had some other job search requirements to complete before I could get started. 
I have sent you the self committment fax, filled out my cards, simplified my voice mail, and began to read your book.  My 37 day dead line is May 31, 2011.
Thanks for ALL you do!
T. S

I learnt how to write a resume, cover letter, prepare for job interview, how to achieve my goals and use positive thoughts and break bad habits and I would pay asking fee for it!

Saleem, it was a pleasure to have you here. Your presentation was the one most discussed and complimented when I was talking to participants on Friday and Saturday. You brought a different perspective to most and I can only hope some of your energy rubbed off on them. I will be talking to the powers that be about inviting you to the Conference later this year as well. I just want you to know that what you do is valuable and appreciated. Many talk about doing something positive, but you actually act. Have a good day and a good week and I will be in touch by telephone today or tomorrow about that other matter we discussed.

K. S

Department of Workforce Services

Mr. Saleem,
I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with you and for you to share your job hunting experience with us is very much appreciated. I am signing my contract with myself as of today.
However, I have found a job announcement that I am interested in, and as soon as I finish with my draft resume I will forward you a copy of the resume and the job announcement.

Mr Saleem, I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and I truly appreciated the help you have given.
R. O

I have been actively looking for positions with the FAA and have discovered I qualify for many of them with my experience. I have successfully increased my networking in the FAA and have utilized the assistance of a long time friend. One specific job that tops my list is an FAA cabin safety inspector. This is a job I meet the qualifications for and I will be formulating my resume for submission soon.

I have learnt to "BAIT THE HOOK",   sell myself " leader" and to be more attentive and how to sell myself. I would give 2.5 % of my annual savings for this workshop so that it helps others. 

I can't remember if I said this earlier but you made a very positive impact on my life......  The timing of your visit could not have been better for me.  The week prior I attended a Stephen Covey class.  Per the class you are a person of transformation.  We need more people like you.  I want to become a person of transformation and you set the example for me to follow.  
J. P.

The information that your presented was very helpful and I appreciate your care about us and I will keep you informed about my search as well.
Thank-you,  T.J 

Today I learnt to take a fresh look at my actions

Today I learnt how to design a solid resume and how to identify and solve problems, be positive. You helped me to find teh direction I want to go and how to get there, as well as what I need to know.
R. A.

I learnt that if I want somethig I should be willing to learn go get it, communication is key to success.
C. D.

I learnt that I need to have positive attiture and keep faith in prayers.

You helped me find out what I was doing wrong, and to be positive. I also learnt where I need to apply for job 
A. M.

Good day to all! I thank you for all that you have done for me! I will be employed as of July 11th 2011. I will be working Birch Tree Communities Inc. The web site will tell you all you may inquire of the job. The site is Despite all of my medical problems, I will not give up! Thank you very much and anything is possiblke if you know somebody good who knows somebody good!  I know you all and the wonderfukl TS!

I will not give up!

I have learned the willingness to learn and figured out the importance of putting my expecting salary. Also I have learnt the importance of networking and to be around successful people.

S. G.


Today’s training showed me how the employers think and the importance of calling employers and get the person in charge of receiving the resume. I learned information about cover letters and resumes. I figured out how to focus on my goals and to know and to keep in mind my minimum salary. I have more confidence and I am more positive. I believe 100% in God that I will get a job.

D. C.

I learnt Power of positive thinking and mental attitude, next step system, principles of acheiving your dreams, resume and cover letter, positive thinking,  closing the sales and most importantly the POWER OF PRAYER.Thank you so much

This seminar showed me how to create skills and how to be committed to get employed. I learnt how to be positive and confident and to market myself. I feel like I am ready to achieve results. It helped me to have faith in God and pray and to have charity, to help others and love doing it.

S. B.


I have learned how to have a positive attitude and to believe in myself and be promper. I figured out the name drop as well. The class helped me have faith (God is always there). It also showed me the importance of showing interest in the company.



I will get employed in 30 days! I figured out how to prepare a resume and how to find the right employer. I learned job interview techniques and how to put an expected salary. I found out the importance of learning from my past.


I got your book which you gave me complementary to brush up my job hunting skills, this book has changed my whole strategy of job hunting. I

literally followed each and every instruction given in the book and after one month, I have two jobs offers, three interviews in next two weeks. Thanks so much Saleem for sharing this awesome book with me.

-S. F.

I can confidently say that I truly benefited from this experience. After learning how to customize my resume towards specific job descriptions, I immediately began to receive more interviews from interested companies. In addition, I felt that the mock interview session provided a great opportunity to practice one's interviewing skills while also receiving some crucial feedback.
Most importantly, I was able to strengthen my existing network. Mr. Sheikh would invite people from well renowned companies to help with the training. I contacted a gentleman that I had met regarding a position in his company.  He would later invite me to an event and personally introduce me to recruiters within his company.
I personally feel that this seminar will not only help me get a job quickly, but it will help me throughout my career. I would strongly recommend this seminar to anyone who is looking for a job and even those that are already employed.
A. K.

This workshop is priceless! it has has taught me the importance of communication that is key, staying well dressed, honesty and to stay focused and positive

I spoke to the District Manager from the Social Security Administration today and she said that all of my paperwork ... came back as qualified.  They would like to offer me a career as a Claims Specialist! I couldn't resist the offer due to the stability of working for the federal government and all the promotion opportunities!!
The manager will let me know next week about my official start date and where they will be sending me for 13 weeks of training.  The training could take place in Las Vegas, NV, Lakewood, CA or Reno, NV... 
I have to go now, so I can go jump up and down on my bed, LOL!! xD   I'll keep you guys posted.
J. H.

I met Saleem Sheikh at the Job Seminar that he was instructing. I was an active registrant in the seminar, and I completed the tasks that were listed in the book, "Get a Job Fast", such as imagining my dream job, enhancing my personal development, and being proactive. Within a week and a half, Saleem hired me, and now I am marketing our book!

-M. S.

Hello Saleem
This is H. A. one of the students of the workshop "Get Job in 7 Days". I have a good news to share with you that the techniques I learned from the book helped me to get employed. I appreciate your sincere effort in making us believe in our selves
through your motivations. I was able to get a job even before the workshop was over. Thank you for your support
and your book; it really  helped me change my life for the good. I recommend the book for everybody.
H. A.

This is to let  you know that the seminar held under your supervision was wonderful,as it provided lots of knowledge about intervening skills ,which develop confidence in an individual to achieve his goal of getting the job.
Also, the book has lots of sources that provide information as how to look for jobs.You worked very hard for the seminar and the book.

"This is a great resource with tips and tricks in finding the job you are looking for. The book is informative, and I recommend for anyone who is looking for a different approach in finding the right job"     
-Y. S.

Dear Saleem Sheikh:

It is been in honor to me to be one of the participants who enjoyed your seminar tilted by “How to find a job in 7 days”, which was conducted between ( 3rd- 31st ) January 2010, Anaheim, California.

I would like to express my appreciation to you and to your staff. And I would like to thank you for your personal attention to each of the attendant. I really enjoyed and learned a lot of different professional strategies that will help me now and in the future in order to success from the first try. The seminar and the book, they were extremely informative, and the class size and participation illustrated the importance of this topic.
Once again, thank you for making the seminar successful, and I appreciate your continued support.

Sincerely,     Y. A. S,  Executive Project Manager
This seminar conducted by Saleem Sheikh for getting a Job in 7 days is wonderful. The book written by Saleem Sheikh and classes with the presentations and lectures is very effective towards the job search in so many websites. Definitely if a person act upon all the chapters of the book he/she will be able to achieve a successful job in 7 days.

-Y. S.

Dear Saleem,
Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation last week. Thanks a million.  Oh by the way, when I went to church yesterday, I signed up/volunteered to be their Sunday school teacher.  I am also currently a volunteer advocate for the Rape Crisis Center of Southern Nevada and I also volunteer once a month for the Gang Task Force of Southern Nevada.
- Sincerely,   J. H.





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